Elroy Algoe & Giorgio Ashruf better known as the “Mokadrumz” are a DJ duo based in The Netherlands.

Famous for playing various music genres like: afro house, urban, dancehall, moombahton, and latin house. They quickly began experimenting with there own productions and in 2013 they had there first succes with the song “I Need You” out on (FIRST CLASS MUSIC) which became a huge hit. From that moment on they produced and released more singles, remixes and bootlegs resulting in millions of streams and downloads worldwide. Even being supported by international artist like Chuckie, Mastiksoul, Genairo Nvilla, Dyna and the Afrobros. In 2017 they released a Dutch track called “Louis Vuitton”. This urbansong with an extremely catchy melody synth began to mutate in a huge national & international hit. They received a golden & platinum award and reached trending #1 on Youtube with their music video.